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Individualized petcare

Since establishment in 1995, PetBiomics has been a forerunner in enabling individualized petcare.

In 2018 PetBiomics (previously Genoscoper Oy) is launching an accurate metabolomics analysis with up to 80 direct measures from a single blood sample at a very affordable price.

In June 2013 we launched MyDogDNA, the first DNA panel testing concept for canine which included practically all known genetic diseases and traits in a single test at an affordable price. The MyDogDNA concept is currently considered a standard in genetic testing for pets and distributed globally under various brands.

Genomic profiling serves as the basis for individualized care, but in addition we need the ability to measure what is currently happening. Our thorough blood analysis can provide the insight on what is the current state of health and do changes in daily petcare provide the desired effect.

Our vision is to combine genomics and metabolomics with medical records to make new scientific discoveries and utilize them to provide better care for animals. This vision will become the new normal.


Precise Data

Upto 80 direct measures with a single blood test



Dynamic online reporting to review and compare


For Your Pet’s Good

Discover impact of nutrition or medical care