canine metabolomics

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Precision medicine

Metabolomics, research of metabolism, is rapidly changing the way we practice medicine. A worldwide shift from clinical diagnostics based on single biomarkers to a more holistic approach is on its way. Metabolomics allows the clinician to observe the metabolic alterations associated with a disease in an unprecedented way, paving the way for risk prediction, early disease detection, metabolic fingerprinting and individualization of treatment.

Since establishment in 1995, the veterinary laboratory PetBIOMICS has been a forerunner in veterinary precision medicine. In 2013 we launched the world’s first comprehensive canine DNA-testing panel, MyDogDNA® (Optimal Selection™ in the US) under the name of Genoscoper. Today this technology is considered a worldwide standard.

Now we are launching PetMETA, the world’s first clinically available metabolomics blood testing platform for dogs. But we are not stopping here. We are aiming to change the entire culture of clinical diagnostics. Our vision is, that every patient can be a part of ground-breaking science. Combining patient records with metabolomics will start a whole new era in veterinary science.



PetMETA is a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (NMR) metabolomics testing panel calibrated for canine use. NMR is the most suitable metabolomics technology for clinical use, since it requires a small sample volume and offers quantitative data with high reproducibility, high throughput and excellent scalability in a non-destructive and cost-effective way….


Test content

PetMETA is a metabolomics test that includes certain well-known clinical chemistry markers as well as a wide range of other metabolites. Many diseases cause widespread metabolic changes in addition to their primary effects. The PetMETA test aims to refine clinical diagnostics and is well suited to complement routine clinical chemistry…



Interpretation of PetMETA results is easy, since the results are provided with reference intervals ​​and a description of the effects of the biomarkers. Many different physiological conditions, such as diseases, feeding and exercise can affect metabolism. The clinically most reliable results are obtained after 8-12 hours of fasting, since eating…